Friday, May 14, 2010

...F - like...

* or the status quo of a life as a country, a city and maybe even me.

A sixty-nine month wide gab, showing that far too often it is “an emptiness” which makes things work.
If not wrong, guess it is a word from Lao-Tse who found out, that it is this, the very reason why a glass, a window or a door exist.

Recent correspondence made me think much, about being real, finding words that rhyme and meeting a mountain too dangerous to climb.

Yet, there must be a reason to this all.

There aren’t many rules in my life, having learned to keep it simple; many times even more than needed; think the main “guiding line” I try to live by, is the wish to understand

Must seek what is possible, looking for solitude, fasting, work, vigils, bareness of the body, readings and other virtuous exercises, free the heart of hazardous passions; make and maintain these levels of perfection of love - ascend to soar.

It will be worth nothing, to have done anything, if everything is far from its attainment, I have to do everything. For it won't be enough, looking at the devices of this art, obtained and prepared, only to posses, unused; so the fruit of its benefit will be nothing but the mere possession of the instruments.
So is fasting, vigils, contemplation of Scripture, bareness, and robbery of all assets not perfection, but the means of perfection, because in them lies the ultimate purpose of all.

In vain therefore will carry out these exercises whoever has extended not all virtuous efforts to reach, who has the instruments of science, but knows the target not, in which all the fruit is included.

What then could disturb purity and peace of mind is to avoid as harmful, even if it seems useful and necessary

F – like forcing to fill the gab.

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